Will I Remember Today

by Heart Fortress

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There is no absolute right. There is no absolute wrong. There is simply existence & perspective.

At the beginning of 2015, I promised myself I would put out a collection of original music on my own, for the sole intent of growing as an artist relative to my own personal definitions of what it means to be one. For me, to be an artist is to pursue your passion for you, regardless of any external forces. Art is pure sincerity. I am an artist, you are an artist, we are all artists. There is no magical threshold of popularity to break or a particular lifestyle you need to live in order to "be a true artist." If you're being honest with yourself, then you're already doing it. The journey & experience is the art. Life is art.

"Will I Remember Today" is an intimate look inside my head in the form of five acoustic songs. I created it as an exercise in discipline (I find I am more productive when I set personal goals), as well as to cope with & document this past period of my life. I write a lot of music, but no one outside of extremely close individuals ever hears it, for the same reason I am a social hermit: I get completely overwhelmed by existence & people's opinions in the world that I tend to keep my mouth shut because I don't feel I have anything interesting or meaningful to add.

Which brings me to my moniker Heart Fortress. We all respond to heartache & sadness in varied manners. For me, with every painful experience that happens, a new invisible wall gets built around my heart & I seep further into my protective isolation. Before I knew it, I had a full fortress that no one could penetrate unless they somehow found the key that I misplaced. The beauty of it is I created my own little world where no one could affect me, I couldn't affect anyone else, and I could create my art in peace. However, along with that introspection, I forgot how to interact with humans & sustain meaningful relationships outside of my comfort zone.

This is my first step in attempting to find a balance between my world & everyone else's. I want to be honest with myself & others, to be more open-minded, and to be able to express myself without driving myself completely mad.

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is ugly.
You are perfect. We are one.
Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this life.


released November 27, 2015

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Hsiang-Ming Wen



all rights reserved


Heart Fortress Atlanta, Georgia

That boy you knew.

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Track Name: California Sunshine
Seasons change
So did our love
I can't see your face
Or the way you would smile

The world keeps on spinning
Around us
While I keep on missing
My California Sunshine

Locks of red the most beautiful I've ever seen
Don't belong to me

You took me places
That I never knew
But the distance caught up
We couldn't see it through

Six southern states separate you from me
Oh how I hate our state

So many times I've dreamed of being near
Oh how I long for that day
Track Name: Katherine
Here's a song I wrote for you
It's not much but it's all I can do
I can't seem to win

I know you're not looking for a man by your side
But let me try, I'll treat you right
Pretending to be nothing more than a friend
Is taking its toll on me

If nice guys always finish last
Then consider me the epilogue
I'll know all of your favorite things
But I just don't belong

"I wish we knew each other better."
Is what you said to me
Well I think it's funny cause isn't that what
Life is meant to be?

Here's a song named after you
I know it's not much so I'll leave it here
And join the rest
Track Name: It Still Burns
When I let you walk away
I didn't know how much I'd break
You took the keys, walked out the door
I knew then I was done for sure

But my heart's still on fire
Won't you put it out for me?
The smoke is filling up my lungs
Distorting everything I see

But I can't help but think this is what you had in mind
From the very start when you crossed the line
I'm not sorry I am not like those other guys
I just can't sleep and let it be

There was once a girl I knew
Bible in hand through and through
I was in love and so was she
Except it wasn't with me

Well she set my heart on fire
Til this day it still burns
I wish I could douse the flames
So maybe I wouldn't feel the pain

My heart's still on fire
Til this day it still burns
Though it burns me just as strong
It no longer burns for you
Track Name: I Do, Not Adieu
When I can find
Another mind
That matches mine
Is my idea of love

And if you don't agree
Then can't you see
That you and me
Just shouldn't be

Say I do
Oh please
Not adieu

We kiss on the lips
From time to time
But that little kiss
Don't make you mine

Unless your idea of together
Is exactly the same

Say I do
Oh please
Not adieu

You take and you take
And I'm the fool who keeps on giving
Of all my mistakes
Not a single one I regret

Well it's time I leave
I need a two-way street
I've already had my share
Of ones

Another life, it could be nice
But that's a compromise that I cannot make

Say I do
Oh please
Not adieu

Say I do
Oh please
Not adieu
Track Name: Kitchen Window
Sitting by my kitchen window
With my oven on tryna stay warm
It's cold outside but it's even colder in here
Where I sit by myself all the time

People come and people will go
Like an ever revolving door
It's funny how with the flick of a switch
You'll forget today ever happened

Where do our memories go?
Are they locked away for safekeeping?

There's a leak in my faucet
Every day it drips and drips
Pulsing with the constant beat of time
Nothing ever stops for anything

There's a whole world out there
But I'm just fine staying right here
Where the rules never change and there's nothing to fear
It is here I can stand to bear

So leave me by myself
I can't handle the world as of now

26 going on 50
Years from now will I remember today?
Tryna stay warm, alone with my thoughts
Sitting by my kitchen window